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Our mission is to serve the economic, educational, governmental and social interests of the people, organizations and communities it represents while fostering a prosperous and harmonious environment in which to live, learn and work.


Meet the Chamber Board of Directors & Staff

        Liz Barber, President & CEO

      Mary Tanner, Front Desk Administrator




      CHAIR, JC Shoop, Heacock Insurance

      CHAIR-ELECT, Kristie Vazquez, Sebring CRA

     PAST CHAIR, Tenille Drury-Smith, The Elliott Team at Keller Williams Realty

     TREASURER, Shannon Sapp, Legacy Financial Partners

    SECRETARY, Lindsey Pierson, Highlands Regional Medical Center



    Maritza Ayala, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union

     Brian Cosgrave, First Southern Bank

       Ryan Danzey, 1st Place Insurance

      Marcia Davis, Highlands County School Board 

      Jonathan Joles, J. Biance Financial

        Mike LaMere, Sun 'N Lake Golf Club

       James McCoy, Get Fish Slapped

      Kendall McIntyre, Chen Dental

      Julia Mercer, The Palms of Sebring

        Garrett Roberts, Highlands County Sheriff's Office


Our rich history has allowed us a number of esteemed Past Chairs of our Board of Directors.

Thank you to all who have served with us.

2019- Tenille Drury-Smith
2018- Julie Fells/Tenille Drury-Smith
2017- Rob Bullock
2016- Dusty Johnson
2015- Don Elwell
2014- Jane Hancock
2013- Rob Reed
2012- Dr. Michael McLeod
2011- Nick Schommer
2010- Craig Johnson
2009- David Noel
2008- Susan Jones
2007- Dr. Norm Stephens
2005-2006- Mike Carter
2004- Mike Callahan/Mike Carter
2003- Mike Kirouac
2002- Ronnie Carter
2001- Wade Taveniere
2000- C.D. "Chip" Boring
1999- Dr. Fred Keiber
1998- Judy Lee Brown
1997- Jim Otterman
1996- Tres Stephenson
1995- John Shoop
1994- John Meder
1993- Greg Harris
1992- Rich Founier/Greg Harris
1991- Linda Duncan-Pierce
1990- Grant Simmons
1989- Judy Robinette
1988- Dan Dorrell
1987- Bill Tyson/Bea McElroy
1986- Jim McCollum
1985- Terrill Morris
1984- Terry Jackson
1983- Jim Eshelman
1982- Marge Valleta
1981- H.O. Taylor
1980- Richard "Dick" Brown
1979- Ken Harris
1978- Richard Hitt
1977- James O. Crawford
1976- Gary MaGahee
1975- Bob Terrell
1974- Unknown
1973- Guy "Lucky" Campbell
1972- George Hensley
1971- Olin Mason
1960-1970- Henry Bailey
1958-1959- E.C. VanHoose
1957- F. Elgin Bayless
1956- C.L. Sebring
1952-1955- F. Elgin Bayless
1951- Robert Mason
1950- W.C. Shaffer
1949- Don Fisher
1948- Clagett Taylor
1947- W. Harshman
1946- Ford Heacock
1945- Guy Maxcy
1942-1944- Smith Rudasill
1941- E.G. Burton
1940- J.M. Graham
1939- Coy Welch
1938- Ford Heacock
1934-1937- Ray Parshall
1932-1933- A.R. Updike
1931- C.E. Weaver
1930- A.C. Alvater
1929- A.E. Lawrence
1928- Howard Hon
1927- Ed Wolf
1926- G.T. Nelson
1925- G.F. Bobb
1924- G.F. Bobb
1923- A.E. Lawrence
1922- A.E. Lawrence
1921-F.A. Sebring
1920- F.A. Sebring
1919- Tom Conway
1918- P.A. Ruhl
1917- P.A. Ruhl
1916- William M. Reck