Humane Society Hosts July's Sebring Chamber Mixer

SEBRING — It won’t be long before the dogs at the Highlands County Humane Society shelter have a chance to cool off during the hot summer.

Judy Spiegel, president of the Humane Society, unveiled the new doggy pool during a Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce mixer. She said a couple anonymously donated money for the construction of the concrete pool in memory of Buffy, their Shih Tzu, who died recently.

The pool is large enough to hold 10 dogs, as long as the dogs get along, she said.

It’s built so that there’s a deeper end where the larger dogs can swim. The pool is mainly for larger dogs who can enter it, climb down to a deeper end , swim and then climb out.

Spiegel said she has considered the idea of a doggy pool for a long time. She said she wanted the dogs to have a chance to get cool during the summer. Dogs will be able to play in three-feet deep water in the semi-circular structure.


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